Patras Chaudhry

Senior Property Manager

Patras has been working in sales and marketing industry since long. He has efficiently brought his years of experience in Hub Realty.

He started his journey with Harcourts as a sales person in 2002. His work ethics and professionalism made him successful in terms of selling heaps of properties. He has a broad experience as a sales person and investor too. He has been running property management with a decent success rate with Hub Realty since 2012. Being a family man, Patras knows the value of your family’s happiness.


He’s multilingual and amazing with people. Patras listens to the client’s requirements and makes his best efforts to fulfill them. With his years of experience in the field, he has made some amazing contacts and has built rapports with key people to serve the owners and tenants in the best possible way. His solely focuses on customer satisfaction. He also takes a good care of his employees who ultimately give satisfactory service to our clients.