Awais Rana

Office Manager

Awais Rana, is a highly qualified and experienced person in our team. His skills in business management and IT add a great value to our work.

He is exceptionally energetic and positive which makes him favorable for liaising positively with his colleagues as well as with the clients. Awais’s professionalism serves the clients in the best possible way. His 4 years long experience in overseas, further studies in New Zealand and experience in New Zealand brings a lot of potential on our team. 


He arranges viewings and communicates with the clients regularly. His exuberant attitude and helpful approach make his appearance pleasant not only in the office but also with the clients. He has become an integral part of the Hub Realty team and very easily approachable for the clients. His extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in the field enables him to find appropriate solutions for any complex issue. Awais is a very reliable and dedicated team player in our team.