FAQs for Owners

1.How does ‘Hub Realty’ work if I am a landlord?

Our aim is to serve you in the best possible way. We have trained our property managers to obtain precise service-based mindset. 

We have a comprehensive database that enables us to match the best suitable tenants for your property. We strongly believe that realistically priced properties can generate tremendous inquiries. We make sure you get correct pricing and listing for your property. We have efficient marketing tools and technology. We protect your property through quality inspection and informed maintenance regularly. 

2.Why do we need property management service?

We are dedicated professionals aim to serve you in our best possible way. We believe we have corporate social responsibilities to help grow and enrich society. 

We believe with today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it is difficult to keep track on legislation or market rates. Therefore, we want to work for you. We have resources, technology, and trained staff to make your search easy and smooth. 

We keep you up to date with legislation, market rate, and inspections. You can enjoy your life without worrying about the property or recent market trends. 

3.Who pays for the advertisement? 

Our commitment to you is to get the best possible outcome. We use print and digital marketing tools to reach out to the larger audience. It is a general practice that the owners pay for advertisements. 

4.What if I get into a dispute with my tenant?

It is our responsibility to give you a hassle-free experience and we have maintained close to 100% success rate so far. Our services are with a great integrity. However, if any dispute occurs, we will mediate and will try to solve the issues with keeping your best interest in mind.

5.How do you calculate the cost to manage my property?

Our aim is to get a higher level of interest, increased tenancy applications and finally, to find the best match for your property. Having said that we believe only realistically priced properties can generate more inquiries. 

We have management packages. We also have access to the recent market trends and statistics. With the help of our trained staff, we translate them into clear and accurate readings for any individual property. 

6.Do you decide the rent cost of the property?  How do you determine it?

We appraise the property and owners decide it. We give the accurate amount to the owner and then we assist them to make the final decision. We assist them with statistics that include statics of similar properties rented in the area. We also consider the surroundings (school zone, conveniences etc) and condition of the property. 

Above all, our experience and professionalism is the key to estimating accurate rent cost. 

7.How much do you charge for your service? Is there any hidden cost?

We manage to serve our clients at the lowest possible rates with no hidden cost. Our services and packages have everything included. We strongly believe in transparency and our reputation is our pride. We have services chart and we are more than happy to explain if you request.