FAQs for Tenants

1. How does ‘Hub Realty’ work if I am a tenant?

We provide step by step guidance to all the tenants. We make sure your all requirements get fulfilled with our suggested properties. 

We believe in effective communication. Our project managers keep regular touch with the tenants. If the tenants have any query, we are just a call away. We provide an online account to our tenants. They can monitor their last two years’ transaction without any hassle. 

We can proudly say that we have almost 100% success rate with no disputes between the landlords and tenants.

2. Why do we need property management service?

We understand that finding a rental property in Auckland’s real estate market has become a headache for many people. We also understand that a home is a necessity for your family happiness. Therefore, we provide guidelines for paying the bond, rent, and insurance. We assist you in every step of renting the property. 

We have a comprehensive database that enables us to find suitable rental properties according to your requirement. We aim to find you not only the rental property but a place you call a home. 

3.   How much do you charge for your service? Is there any hidden cost?

We manage to serve our clients at the lowest possible rates with no hidden cost. Our services and packages have everything included. We strongly believe in transparency and our reputation is our pride. We have services chart and we are more than happy to explain if you request.

4. What if I get into a dispute with my owner?

It is our responsibility to give you a hassle-free experience and we have maintained close to 100% success rate so far. Our services are with a great integrity. However, if any dispute occurs, we will mediate and will try to solve the issues with keeping your best interest in mind.

5. What if I have to break a fixed agreement early?

 A tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract. If you want to terminate it early then please contact us sooner to discuss the further options. 

6. Do I have to take insurance for the property? 

 No. The landlords need to take insurance for their property. However, tenants are responsible for their own possessions. It would be wise to take insurance for your own belongings.