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Our management team has over 50 years working in Real Estate giving you the confidence that your property will be professionally and successfully managed.

N & A Jafar

When we looked for a property manager we did it the hard way it was our first investment property; we went to every company that did property management met the agents and asked lots of questions: about the fees, the frequency of inspections, how often they send reports, their customer satisfaction reports .... Etc We found Patras someone who knows the ins and outs of the process, calm, professional, who can put up with our endless questions, so we did the right decision and hired him. Patras has an extensive list of tradesmen who go and do whatever job is needed on the property promptly with reasonable charge, he always gives his invaluable suggestions for property improvement and prompts us when the raise of rent is due.

We consider Patras as one of our assets.

N Winspear

Patras has helped me find a number of suitable tenants over the years for my rental properties. All of the tenants that he has placed have been excellent. Patras makes the process easy for me, as I just let him know the date the property will be available for rent and the details of the existing tenants so that viewings can be arranged. I’m more than happy with the service that Patras offers. The tenants are also delighted with his professional service.
Hope this helps Patras, I’m not a great wordsmith, but would be happy for you to suggest any other comments for a referral.